That's me with the curly hair! I've been a graphic designer for 16 years and an artist my whole life. I enjoy drawing, painting, illustrating, sewing, bookmaking and basically making anything with my hands. My go-to tools are my ink pens, scanner, computer, and adobe programs.


I am from colorful Colorado.

It's my happy place. The mountains NEVER cease to amaze me or provide inspiration! Aspens, pines trees, and mountain animals often show up in my illustration and art.


I love to illustrate.

It's so much fun drawing portraits of animals with human characteristics! I even have a class on Skillshare that teaches others how to create their own Animal Portrait. I dream of illustrating a children's book some day and designing for home decor. I post most of my illustration adventures on Instagram and it has certainly found it's way into my graphic design work too!

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